Embroidery Artwork Common Issues

Embroidery Artwork Common Issues:

  1. Text Too Small, Lines Too Thin
  • Avoid small letters because the embroidered text will not be legible. Minimum Text Height: 0.25in, Minimum Line Thickness: 0.05in
  • Any design elements smaller than that will use Run Stitch
  • Gradients, Fading, Blend Colors
    • Embroidery can only do solid shapes and colors. We cannot do gradient colors.
    • If you have gradient colors in your design, please convert to single solid colors.
  • Photographic Images
    • We cannot embroider photographic images.
    • Artwork must be recreated to solid colors and shapes.
  • Negative Space
    • Avoid using negative space in embroidery because the design element will not be as sharp and detailed.
    • Fill-in Negative space with matching background color thread to create similar effect.